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What happened was

What happened was

It's hops honest

It was Sunday: thanks to people's support and of course purchases via the online website, Hunters Brewery had survived another week and that's another week closer to making it through Lockdown.

As usual for a Sunday, Paul would give an update and proceeded to write a thank you and also give some good news on Royal Hunt being back in production!

This is where things went squiffy!

What happened was... Paul wrote this:

Facebook Message

Facebook immediately banned Paul (Hunters Brewery) from Facebook.... Nooooooo Facebook is one of the main ways we can all keep in touch and get through lockdown together.

What? Why?

After a little bit of digging and it looks like Facebook have mistaken the picture for marijuana and because the post contained the word 'Pot' their algorithm enforced an automatic ban. Bye Bye Paul.

Paul of course disagreed with the decision, it's hops honest guv! - but the Facebook algorithm took no notice.

However Facebook had left the backdoor open for other Admins on the account to be able to post so all was not lost and we were able to put out an 'A-Team' post to let you know we're still here, if you could read it, and thanks for letting us know you could.

What now?

At 8pm 17/02/2021 Paul (Hunters Brewery) will get out of the Facebook jail and be back talking to all you lovely people again. Party!!!!!!!

We couldn't explain exactly what had happened on Facebook on Facebook as doing so may have got us another ban if we started sharing pictures of Hops and mentioning Pot again.

But now you know why we've had a little bit of radio silence... it now time to make some noise.

As always thanks for the support and don't forget to buy some beer while you're here, every sale really does count!

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